10 water-saving tips to lower your monthly bill and reduce water waste

Water is an essential good in every step of our day. Therefore, we tend to overuse it by not realizing how much we actually waste.

Here are some simple things you can do to reduce your water usage and therefore the cost of your water bills:

1.     Consider using a washing up bowl

Washing up bowls are smaller than the sink, and they allow you to wash several dishes with the same water. Fill up the bowl with warm soapy water and rinse the dishes with running water. This will save a lot of water – and soap –.


2.     Only use your washing machine when it’s full

Cut down your water consumption by increasing your wash loads. Avoid using the washing machine for a half load. Even if your particular machine has a half load button, it will still use more than half the amount of water used in a full load.

In most cases, darks and lights are fine together as long as the temperature doesn’t go above 30°C. So, there is no excuse for not putting them together!


3.     Shorter showers

Having a shower instead of a bath is a great way of saving energy and water. However, this doesn’t apply if you tend to stand in the shower for more than 15 minutes. Try to keep your showers shorter by only using the water you actually need


4.     Use a water can instead of a hosepipe

Unless your garden really needs it, a hosepipe can lead to the waste of a lot of water. And there are other ways of watering your plants.

Think about fitting a water butt to collect rainwater. These usually store about 200 litres of water. The great news is that this water is better for watering your plants, as it comes untreated. So, you don’t only save huge amounts of water, but your garden will be also benefiting from pure, better quality water.

You can also use this water for indoors plants, instead of the one from the tap.


5.     Replace leaks in your taps

A leaky tap can waste an astounding amount of water, ruin your sink and increase your water bill. Not to mention how irksome this sound can be.


6.     Store your cold water in the fridge

How long do you leave the tap open when you want a fresh drink of water?

Especially during the warm months of the year, think about how much water you waste while waiting for the water to turn cold. Instead, try to keep a jug of water in the fridge. It will not only save water but it will also be colder!


7.     Turn off the taps while brushing your teeth

During the intervals where you don’t need the water to be running, try turning the taps off. Those two minutes that you are brushing your teeth can save a lot of water!


8.     Reduce your flush

Dual flush settings are quite effective for reducing the litres of water used in every flush. Toilets without this system use an average of about 13 litres of water every time they are used!

If your toilet doesn’t have a dual flush, you can try putting a plastic bottle filled with water inside the tank to reduce the amount of water used.


9.     Don’t fill up the kettle every time

Don’t boil more water than the one you actually need. This will not only save water but also energy and time too!


10.     Wash fruits and vegetables

Try to wash your fruits and vegetables in a bowl rather than in running water.