5 DIY plumbing mistakes – What not to do

If you love DIYing to solve your plumbing problems, you might have found yourself doing one of the following mistakes.  

Have you tried to save money by doing it yourself and ended up paying way more than what was going to cost you in the first place?  

Here is a list of the most common mistakes we encounter on a regular basis: 

1. Overtightening connections  

You might think the tighter, the better. But that doesn’t always work. 

It can lead to the knob or lever breaking or cracking, and the whole valve stem can be damaged with it.  

The breakage might not happen instantly, but can however break it weeks later, causing flood and damage to your property.  

2. Use of chemical drain cleaner  

We have all been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.  

Our first reaction to a clogged drain is to run to the supermarket and grab the strongest drain cleaner.  

This might temporarily solve the problem, but it’s a terrible idea.  

Their corrosive nature can damage the pipes creating leaks that won’t improve the blockage situation.  

But not only that, if it doesn’t manage to clear the clog, your sink pipes will be filled with nasty corrosive chemicals, which will make it even more difficult to clean.  

The easiest way to fix sink clogs is to use a snake drain cleaning tool. It removes part of the waste without damaging your pipes.  

3. Forget to turn off the water supply 

If you are not looking to have an indoor swimming pool, this is highly advisable!  

Now jokes aside, even the most basic plumbing tasks needs the water supply turning off. And not doing it can lead into really expensive repairs.  

So, next time you undertake any plumbing DIY jobs around the house, remember to turn the water supply off!  

Make sure you know where it is before you need it! It might sound obvious, but many homeowners have no idea where their water shut-off valve is.  

4. Not having the right equipment  

One of the most common mistakes caused by plumbing DIY is using the wrong tools and parts.    

Watching your plumber doing it might make you think it’s an easy job. But no-no.  

The reason why it seems easy is because they know what they are doing, and they have the right tools and parts with them.  

5. Assemble parts incorrectly  

Forgetting how things go back together, or simply placing them in the wrong way, can lead into serious (and unpleasant) consequences that can go from a horrible smell coming up from the drains to a damaging leak.  

While these plumbing tasks can seem easy, they often comply the risk of complicated and costly consequences.  

If you’ve had enough with your DIY project, or the job requires a hand from a professional, don’t hesitate to contact us.