How to Reduce your Heating Bills

With rising utility costs and increasing price tariffs it’s time to get smart this winter with a few savvy tips and tricks to keep your bills lower. Here are some of our tried and tested ways to reduce your utility bills.

Update your boiler
With around 60% of your energy bills being used to heat your home, boiler efficiency is vital. An older boiler will typically use more gas to heat your home than a newly installed boiler. Newer boilers require up to 43% less energy to produce the same output.

We offer huge savings on brand new boilers including installation!

Wrap up
Wrap up or as we prefer to call it Yorkshire Heating! The more layers you wear the less heating you need, wrap up in blankets to watch tv, and a winter duvet on your bed are all ways to keep warm during the winter months without increasing your energy bills.

Utilise the power of the sun
Heat rooms without using heating! Use the heat from the sun’s rays to heat up rooms, open curtains, and blinds to get the full benefit. Remember to close them at night for extra window insulation.

Turn your thermostat down
This is one of the easiest things to do on this list. For each degree you cut the thermostat, expect to cut bills by around 4%.

Set your thermostat on a timer
It’s a myth that leaving the heating on low all day is the cheapest way to heat your home. Having your heating on only when you need it is the best way to save energy and therefore money. The most efficient way is to program the timer on the thermostat to heat your home when you need it.

Use radiator thermostats
This is a particularly useful tip with so many of us now working at home, save money by heating the room you are using and not the whole house. Thermostatic radiator valves are an extra control which you can use to set the temperature of each individual room, when the temperature in that room rises above what’s set on the radiator valve, it will stop water flowing through that radiator – the boiler will still be on to heat other rooms, but it will use less energy.

Dodge the Draft
Keep warm and reduce your heating bill by 2% by using draft excluders seals, foams and tapes resulting in approximately £30 saving for an average home.

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