Why it’s time for a new Boiler

If your hot water isn’t quite hot anymore, or you’re noticing pools of water a little to often, it might be time to look into buying a new boiler. We know they can finding the right boiler isn’t an easy task and paying for it can be even worse. We’ve outlined some of the benefits of making the investment.

1. Efficient Costs
Boilers usually last for around 10 years, before you start to see signs of wear and tear. According to the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers Scheme, A – Rated boilers operate at 90% efficiency, compared to a G – Rated boiler (old models) that works at 70%.
Buying a new, reliable boiler will benefit you greatly, with it working more successfully compared to the original.

The Energy Saving Trust state that a person can save up to £490 per year, if they moved to a new boiler, helping you to cut down on your energy bills.

2. Capture the Gas
One of the dangers involving an old boiler is the potential of it leaking Carbon Monoxide.
A new boiler guarantees in built safety features that help to keep leaks, both water and gas, at bay

A condensing boiler produces fewer carbon emissions than the average boiler, compressing the gasses for further use without waste. Estimate figures show that new boilers save up to 1220kg of carbon dioxide every year, ultimately preventing any gas leaks.

3. Control of the Heating.
Having the heating on all day can be costly, but sometimes needed. Modern boilers are extremely helpful in letting a homeowner decide what temperature to set the heating. By simply setting the controls, not only do you choose which rooms need heating, but it saves you more money in doing so.

4. Buying in the Summer
Buying a new boiler in the summer is actually beneficial. With the warm weather, you’ll have plenty of time to decide which model to pick, and you won’t need to wait until the winter for a replacement. It’s a time where the engineers won’t be as busy when it comes to installation.

5. Service Plans
Whilst prices can vary for new boilers, with these expenses comes excellent service plans. New boilers, in general, come with a 5-year warranty, where the boiler is inspected and fixed without any hassle.

Again, there are numerous plans and warranties for new boilers (as well as terms and conditions), but it does provide your boiler with extra security in case of an emergency.

We are work during this time & taking every precaution needed. Please feel free to call for free advice.